Carolyn Has a New Address & New Puppy!

January 21, 2014

Real Estate Story

I believe the reason many people don’t buy a home is because they don’t know that they can – like my client, Carolyn.  She was 33, single and earned a very good income, but it seemed like every home she saw online within her price range was already sold by the time she found them.

Carolyn was pre-approved for a mortgage, so we met for an initial buyer consultation and I showed her how she could beat other buyers to the hot, new listings.  We activated my Free Online HomeFinder Service and Carolyn began receiving by email a daily search of all of the new MLS listings based on her housing requirements and a price range, in which she was comfortable looking.  She was thrilled when I discovered a newly-listed, lovely, 2 bedroom home with plenty of room for entertaining, privacy and a yard for the puppy whe couldn’t have as a renter.  She moved at the end of the month!

Who do you know who’s paying rent, because they don’t think they can afford their own home?  Please contact me with their name and number and I’ll help find them a great home within a price range that they are comfortable in.  There’s no sales pressure or obligation…I’ll look out for their best interests and help them when they are ready!


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